What's In Our Candles

Being a Eco-Conscious Company has been at our Core. 

So What's In Our Candles?


Melo Candle Lab uses ethically sourced wax that is USA Grown.  Our Soy wax is pure soy with no additional additives. Our coconut wax candle is also source ethically, plant-based waxes that are blended with soy wax. 


Our wicks are  hand-crafted and ethically sources.  Each wick meets the golden standard and are made from  FSC certified wood. Which means, the wooden wick in each candle is harvested from forest that are responsibly  managed, environmental conscious , and economically viable. 


Our fragrance oils used to make our products are non-toxic and produce clean scents.  Here at Melo Candle Lab our products don't allow carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxcins, or any harmful ingredients during our candle making process. 

We Care About Creating a Low Waste Product 


Melo  Candle Lab value our selves in reducing our footprint in the world.  To help leave a smaller footprint our packaging is a source from renewable and recycled material.  Each candle is packaged in a cotton bag instead of the normal cardboard box to help reduce waste.  We combine recycled newspaper, cornstarch peanuts, and kraft paper to help keep your candle safe from breakage during transit.

 Thank You Cards/ Dust Covers

Not only can you recycle this paper, but you can also compost it or even plant it and watch flowers bloom. Each Thank you card or dust cover has tiny embedded seeds that need 4 hours of the day of direct sunlight and grow to about 3". If you plat this paper in a pot or in your garden please cover with just 1/8' of soil and keep moist until established as germinating seeds and seedlings cannot survive even in a brief drought.


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