The 6 R's of Sustainability!

Each day is a learning curve on this journey to sustainability. The more I research on reducing my waste, the more I learn.  The road to creating an eco-friendly lifestyle is not so straightforward. There's a lot of conscious decisions taking place.
Did you know there is more than just reduce, recycle,  and reuse?    It's okay, grade school failed me too by teaching just three when theirs really 6r's of sustainability.
The 6R's
Recycle- Taking a product that already exists and repurpose the existing product into a new product. For example, Melo Candle Jars are made of glass that can be recycled with other glass jars to create new material when recycled properly.
Reuse-  Can the product be used again or repurpose to something else. For example, our candle jars can be repurposed for other things like a plant holder, holding your jewelry, place holder for your bathroom essentials, etc.
Reduce- Can less material be used when creating the product or packaging.  Can less energy be used when creating the final product? For example, Melo Candle Lab reduces waste by using biodegradable and recyclable packaging.  Using bubble wrap or any plastic is a no-no for our company due to the lack of reusability and the wasteful energy that plastic takes up in landfills.  By using biodegradable and compostable shipping material allow Melo Candle to keep to its promise of sustainability.
Refuse- Don't overconsume. Reject items that are environmentally and socially harmful. Is the material or products causing harmful effects in society?  Lucky, for you, Melo Candles are created by providing a clean,  positive environmental impact to its customers.  Our brand is continually looking at new effective ways to integrate the R's of sustainability into our daily routine.
Rethink- Do the effectiveness of this product really matter.  How can we change the way we live to improve overall sustainability.  Melo Candle strives to give back to the community each time you purchase from our store. Plus, studies have shown that candles can help reduce anxiety and stress.
Repair - Can the product be fixed if it becomes unusable. Our wax is water-soluble which makes it a perfect biodegradable product.  Even if the glass jars were to crack or shatter, the product can still be recycled when it can no longer be reused.
Just like that! The 6 Rs of sustainability! Which R's are you going to incorporate into your lifestyle? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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