Candles & Pet Safety: Are Scented Candles Safe For Your Pets?

Candles are favorite home decor items. Studies show that candles are in 7 to 10 U.S households. When it comes to being a good pet owner safety is a top priority. Unfortunately, all candles and fragrances are not created equal.
When buying candles it's important to know where the material is coming from due to the toxic chemicals that some wax and fragrance may have that can have a negative health effect on your pets.
You can protect your pets and yourself by being aware of the following candle ingredients and avoiding them wherever possible.
  1. Paraffin: Most candles are paraffin, a wax made from petroleum waste that releases carcinogens when burned. (Your Favorite Candle Store Is Toxic Shop Melo Candle Lab Candle)
  2. Artificial colors and scents: These can cause allergies and respiratory problems.
  3. Acetaldehyde and formaldehyde: These dangerous chemicals can also reduce the air quality in your home.
  4. Lead: Some wicks have a metal core, which may contain lead. Can be harmful to your nervous system
  5. Benzene: This known carcinogen is emitted from the soot of some candles.
  6. Toluene: Found in candle soot, it’s known to affect the central nervous system.
Dog-Friendly Candle Alternatives
There are many natural, alternative scented candles that aren't harmful or toxic.
When shopping for candles, look for products made in the US or other countries that are from natural soy or vegetable-based wax-like coconut wax, which contains lead-free 100% unbleached cotton wicks. These candles burn cleanly and safely.  
Melo Candle Lab is strictly made with 100% soy wax with no additives. Fragrances are free of harmful chemicals that were listed above. Wick is made from unbleached cotton wicks. Candles burn clean, no soot, and burn longer.
Regardless of the type of candle you decide, always burn a candle in a well-ventilated area, and allow your pet a choice to leave the area.

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